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Alexandre Arrechea

Following the launch of Cuban artist Alexandre Arrechea’s Hexagon Garden piece and subsequent metaverse interpretation of Villa Balmain at Miami Art Week, Balmain celebrates his contributions to the virtual Villa Balmain experience in a cocktail party hosted by the French luxury brand.

Balmain hosted a cocktail at Superblue to celebrate an exhibit in partnership with Cuban contemporary artist Alexandre Arrechea at Villa Balmain during Art Basel Miami Beach. It included physical art, digital art, NFTs and an innovative web3 experience that will merged Balmain’s heritage with state-of-the-art 3D printing and Meta-technologies powered by LITO, a platform to scan, digitize and 3D print masterpiece artworks directly with museums, cultural sites, and artists.

Eponymous founder Pierre Balmain’s Villa Balmain was constructed by Italian architect Leonardo Ricci in the late ‘50s on the island of Elba, serving as both a personal home and fashion landmark to the late designer. Balmain’s designs were often architectural in both creation and style, laying the groundwork for Olivier Rousteing’s continuation of the house’s legacy, and for Arrechea’s artistic inspiration for Hexagon Garden.

The metaverse exhibition party at Miami Superblue included digital and physical art, NFTs on view, and VR technology that allowed guests to step in Arrechea’s meta rendition of Villa Balmain. A Web3 project featuring Balmain’s signature 3D printing work by fine art technology platform LITO brings a series of masks designed by the artist which are to be minted on

The cocktail gathering brought many famous faces in an exciting art space, with Balmain-clad guests including the artist Arrechea himself, Karolina Kurkova, Afro Child, Camila Coelho, Sai de Silva, Sabrina Claudio, and many more notable figures of the fashion, entertainment, and art world.

Karolina Kurkova
Kimberly Drew
Olivia Ponton, Lily Chee, Emma Brooks
Sabrina Claudio, Jean-Claude Kalí
Tina Leung
Camila Coelho
Sai de Silva, Amber Ridinger
Tati Gabrielle

Guests who joined Alezanre Arrechea, artist, Txampi Diz, Chief Marketing Officer of Balmain, and Emily George, President, Americas of Balmain, included Karolina Kurkova, Afro Child, Albert Ayal, Amanda Diaz, Brittany Xavier, Camila Coelho, Cass Dimico, Chizi, Daniela Botero, Dj-MiLu? Herrarte, Elizabeth Sulcer, Emma Brooks McAllister, Italia Salsamendi, Jean-Claude Kalí, Jenee Naylor, Karen Blanchard, Kimberly Drew, Lily Chee, Miles Greenberg, Neelam Gil, Olivia Ponton, Rickey Thompson, Sabrina Claudio, Sai de Silva, Tati Gabrielle, Tayshia Adams, Telfi, Tina Leung*, Young Paris, and more.

Alexandre Arrechea’s “Hexagon Garden”

Open to the public from Dec 1-2.

1101 NW 23rd Street
Miami, FL 33127

Photos Courtesy of BFA

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