PH: José Alexis Espinoza
TX: Pily Montiel

Argentinian artist Carola Orieta-Sperman moved to the city of Miami over 20 years ago. It was there, at the magic city, that she decided to pursue an education in the Arts. She studied abstract art with Pablo Contrisciani at Oolite Arts in Miami’s Art Center, as well as drawing, painting, and sculpture. At this moment and with this new knowledge, Carola started to build her body of work.

In her early beginnings, the artist was drawn to the discipline of architecture. This interest led her to study the field at the Belgrano University in Buenos Aires. Her exposure to this architectural influence can be recognized in her pieces: modern parametricism style with aerial, organic shapes.

The artist also possesses an Interior and Fashion Designer degree from Buenos Aires University (UBA). It was this degree that led her to work with the well-known Argentinian Haute Couture Fashion Designer Beatriz Toscano. At this moment, Carola learned the process of “molderia” and “entretela” as methods of creation. This would prove to be of great influence as it later became the base of her artistic aesthetic.

In 2020 the global pandemic hit, changing life as we knew it. Nevertheless, this didn’t deviate Carola from her pursuit of art. She initiated an Art Mentorship program with curator Dr. Milagros Bello, furthering her artistic knowledge. The artist was able to develop a solid conceptual approach to contemporary sculptures and bidimensional artworks.

It was this experience that led her to develop her latest outstanding work: her sculptures. Made of laser-cut acrylic molded out in heat. With these pieces, Carola was invited to exhibit her pieces at the first post-pandemic Art Basel Event, in Miami FL.

Represented by MIA Curatorial Gallery, the artist showcased her work in Art Miami 2021. Alongside the best artists in the world, her sculptures proved to be a success amongst the crowd, with their combination of bold colors, deconstructed shapes, and airy silhouettes.

Her 2D works are reconfigurations of the sculptural forms fictionally and creatively transposed into the bidimensional plane in which the artist uses post-produced image-collaging. Interweaving forms dominate in an infinite entwining and criss crossing pattern structures; flowing melded, fluxed, models that coalesce one another in ceaseless movements.

Carola Orieta-Sperman’s work has also been exhibited in renewed art events including Hamptons Art Fair, juried shows such as “Covid 19. The Art of Isolation” in its editions #2 and #3. She participated in curated shows such as Nowness, The Pandemic Station, Subject Matter/ Acid Times, Cross Aesthetics, among others. In October 2021, she was selected to present her sculptures at the Bespoke Bal Harbour Art Exhibition and at Missoni Baia.

There’s no doubt Carola Orieta-Sperman is an artist on the rise. Her career gave her the experience, her talent nurtured her art, and her grit led her to exhibit her work in one of the most exclusive Art Shows in the world. You can see her work at the Latin Art Core Gallery in Miami, FL. We can’t wait to see her next body of work.

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