miércoles, diciembre 7, 2022



During my life i always believed in universe signals: like the 1111 showing at very young age what means that angels are guiden your path, many times i felt i was blessed for the places i visit and felt peace messages in común with the nature.

This time is not different in the contrary is very special and strong.

What really captivate me this time in Maurice is the mixed population is a half colonized French island and the other half colonized by the United Kingdom.. but the geography is located in the Indian Ocean North Africa what makes that the people here is mostly Indian what contains a lot of spiritual values. NAMASTE

Of course you have heard this word in yoga or meditation this world is really fixed in my head since i received the cultural inmersión in the Mauritius’s island.. i had the luck to arrive in to not only a hotel with al the confort and luxury of it.. but with the scent of sanctuary; birds all around all colours all types, they are the main hosted of this refuge of introspection the wood and stone decor with feng shui rivers all around the hotel are facing one of the most imperial mountain Morn palm tress announce you the paradise ahead white sand beach and crystal water…

The history of Maurice is cover by different colonizations and the people from here very humble they are mostly fisher mans and Indian food chefs.

Seat and relax came to Mauritius a place to re connect with you’re self and with the signs of universe.. NAMASTE

Sofitel Mauritius L’Impérial Resort & Spa @sofitelmauritiuslimperial

Marcela Mayorga Meignan
Marcela Mayorga Meignan
Editor in Chief REGIA.