Marco Castelli first presentation of the collection for Men’s Fashion Week will be held on 16th January 2022 in the impressive historical house – Museum Bagatti Valsecchi, located in the centre of Milan’s fashion quarter. For this private event the designer connects the spirit of art with the expression of his life vision.

In the last year, the designer reflected, revaluated and came back with the main aim of the collection, expressing the importance and meaning of each person through his clothes. Nowadays style is no more only about appearance, it’s the way people communicate with the world, describing their way of living, vision, values and ideas.

The collection is a shining example of the aesthetic and a rare combination of classic models and unique design solutions thanks to cut stripes from different materials, combination of colours and textures.


The style of the images is striking in its elegance and multipurpose, since almost all designer’s outfits can be worn both in everyday life and at special occasions. The whole collection is made from top-quality natural materials, decorative elements and printing techniques which are exclusive of Marco Castelli brand.

First collection of footwear for the brand. Whether it’s a classic model or sneakers, the craftsmanship and contemporary design mix perfectly with the proposed clothes.

The collection has been shown on dedicated mannequins, worn by models that have crossed the museum rooms and by a special guest – the sommelier, Andrea Amadei who, during the event, gave guests the opportunity to taste the Altalanga classic method of the historic wineries «Contract» and the Nebbiolo delle Langhe de «La Spinetta» selected by him for the occasion.

A feminine note was proposed by the designer’s friend Patrizia Russo with her brand «Marinisa Bag», known for the realization of the model «coffa», a reinterpretation of the Sicilian handbag, that is handmade from natural materials.

The evening conveyed notes of sophistication, luxury and uniqueness for each participant. The exclusive clothing, the unique wine and the magic atmosphere of the historical museum will give to the guests an amazing experience.

A special thanks to «Album» for the creative direction of the lights


A special vision, a creative talent, an innate sense of style and a great experience in the fashion industry helped Marco Castelli to create a breathtaking collection for modern men and women (almost all pieces are unisex). Magnificent and high-quality fabrics are selected personally by the author. Coats, jackets and shirts are created in an original style, have a special clothing pattern that makes the entire collection memorable and unique.

Marco Castelli (owner and designer of the brand): “In each collection I put not only knowledge and daily practice improvement, but also my own emotions. It is important for me to be able to convey a momentary feeling of live perfection. I think not only about the designing of the coat, developing the patterns for the construction, creating the details, but at the same time I strive to achieve the energy of perfection and better feeling for each of my customers».

The harmony of form, high-quality materials and colour combinations are maintained in this collection: from classic monochrome combinations to bicolour and complex polychrome ones. In addition, this capsule features characteristic fabric cuts, a combination of several textures, as well as the famous print of Acacia leaves, which are found on many Marco Castelli clothes. Footwear deserves a special mention. The formal world with a strong accent of craftsmanship and the new sneakers, which feature an exclusive leather sole handmade, make the outfits even more sophisticated.